Judgment of the Court – No Longer up in the Air

Well, my dilemma of not knowing what to do with myself is starting to look better. For those of you who missed the first part of the problem, I’ll fill you in quickly. I’mgraduatingfromButlerinDecemberandbarelyhadanideaofwhattodowithmylifeafterthat. Yep, that sums it up.

I had been thinking that I wanted to go to a different school after Butler, but after a long talk with my parents (yes I still trust their opinion enough to ask them important questions) I decided what I am going to do. I gave them four options. #1 Go to WSU and live with friends in Wichita #2 Join Americorp and volunteer for the allotted time and gain life experience #3 Go to Branson and audition for shows there #4 Go to ESU and live at home to save money. They gave their opinions of the pros and cons of each option, and then asked me what I really wanted to do. I said I wanted to do #3.

I’ve always loved watching the shows in Branson, and ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be a part of it all. And showchoir is pretty much my life here and was in high school also, so I guess you could say it’s my dream job. They both agreed with me that if I don’t try auditioning, I’ll regret it someday. And now is the best time to try out, because I’m young, have money saved up, and can easily jump back into the school life if things don’t work out there.

Sooo… That’s the plan! I have nearly 20 shows lined up to call this week to ask when auditions are and the requirements, so the fun starts right now. It’s going to be a very unique experience and I’m looking forward to all the good and bad times that are ahead of me.

Finally, after years of worrying, my future plans are coming together. They aren’t etched in stone yet by any means, but at least now they’re written in the sand rather than floating on the wind.

Have any of you decided on plans yet?? I know you will feel much better after you do!


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