Judgment of the Court – Why start owing money the minute you get out of college?

Below is a list of 10 scholarship finding websites. They are all pretty self-explanatory, but what you’re going to do is fill out as much information as you can in the fields provided on each site and then the site will find scholarships that match you. You’d be amazed at what types of things people are willing to give out scholarships for, so put in everything about you that is true. You don’t want to make anything up, but you really are trying to sell yourself in a way. You want to show the scholarship donor that you are the best person they could pick to give their money to. Generally, the biggest scholarships are going to involve the most work, but they are well worth it! Getting out of college with little to no debt should be everyone’s goal. I hope these help!

College Funding in Kansas
ESU Scholarships and Grants
K-State Scholarships and Grants
Scholarships By State
KU Scholarships and Grants
WSU Scholarships and Grants


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