Judgment of the Court – I would, but it just doesn’t work

Have you had your first test of the semester yet? I have my first test coming up this Tuesday in Accounting I. I’ve been doing well in the class so far, but when it comes to test time I usually have a mental lockdown. It’s not from lack of studying. I had this problem all through high school, too. I knew how to do everything on the homework, but on the test, my mind completely blanked. I would be terrible on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” because I just know that I would know the answer in the back of my mind, but freeze up when Meredith asked me what my final answer was.

I did an all right job of studying in high school and first semester in college. I would usually study from the book the night before and even “cram” in class before the test, and the information kinda just went into my brain then right back out. But last semester I finally found a way of studying that worked for me. I found that if I wrote out all the definitions on paper I remembered them better. Reading them wasn’t enough, but the physical act of writing helped tremendously. I know some people study best with flashcards or having someone read the questions to them, while others do just fine with reading the book by themselves. But the most important part is finding a study technique that works best for you and actually doing it.

Do you have a unique studying habit that works well for you? Share it with the rest of us!

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