Priorities…yeah, about that.

I’m a sophomore. One could assume I have this whole college routine down pat. But I laugh in your face; don’t let my confidence fool you. Last year the Student Connect classes drilled into my head the importance of remaining focused and to guard your study time like a leprechaun guards his pot of gold. But as sure as the Royals’ losing season, new distractions arise in year two, subtly sending those objectives to the back burner.
Reason number one, I know a lot of the returning students. So kinda it’s like going to an extended family reunion, you appreciate everyone but luckily there’s plenty of fish in the lake.
Second, FRESHMEN! Being fresh out of high school, they don’t know much. I don’t rub the fact they’re tiny freshmen in their face, but just the excitement of not knowing any of them (giggle), let me tell ya the possibilities of what can happen.
Thirdly, I love to socialize. Whether this means taking midnight sprints through the lawn sprinklers or just “chillin’” on the courtside benches, I must confess that I choose mingling over an evening completing my biology study guide.
Don’t get me wrong, the biology always gets done. But when I’m sitting in my 8 a.m. class trying not to doze into oblivion, you bet I wish I’d chose the tamer option. And when I feeling the weight of my eyelids and the exhaust from my muscles, I make a resolution as lame as the ones made by inebriated folks on New Year’s Eve: no more late nights! But… somehow I never seem to remember my 8 a.m. conviction for the next evening’s entertainment.

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