Judgment of the Court – Phone apps could bring Pipeline even closer

Heath asked me on Facebook if there was “any possibility for an app or such for the android (or the lesser iPhone) for pipeline?” I thought this was a very good question considering the number of people who use phones for every aspect of their lives nowadays.

I talked to Greg House, the man with the power and talent when it comes to Butler Pipeline, and he sounded hopeful for an application in the future, but probably not in the next year. He said their department is “interested in the possibility of integrating some of our services with mobile devices in the future, but for now the software that runs Pipeline doesn’t really accommodate them too well.”

But, there is some help for the here-and-now that we can have! Greg informed me that they’ve “had good success with connecting iPhones, Droid-based phones, and Blackberries to our e-mail server to provide e-mail through the native applications on the phones.”

So, if you would like your Pipeline e-mail to be easily accessible from your phone, go ahead and contact the Helpdesk (Wichita- 316.733.3306, El Dorado- 316.322.3306) and Greg or one of the other friendly people there will help you get it figured out.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the power of Butler Pipeline, I encourage you to go to our home page and log in to your Pipeline to check it out. I use mine every day to check e-mails, see campus announcements, have easy access to “Student Quick Clicks” and use the Graduation Progress System (GPS) to make sure I’m in line to graduate on time.


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