8 Important Tips for Finding the Job You Want

We decided our first order of business this Fall semester should be giving new students guidance from an expert in the student employment field.

The specialist interviewed is Loretta Patterson — the woman with all the knowledge on how to help college students find jobs. Loretta is head of the Student Employment department in the Hubbard Center and has played a vital role in helping students find college jobs over the years.

Here are some tips from the expert for finding a job:

1.) Attitude is very important. Your outlook on life and how you present yourself, that first impression you make, stays with you.

2.) Completing the employment application is your first chance to show how well you follow directions. Do it right! No scribbles or mark-outs. If you make a mistake, ask for a new copy and start over. Have all of the dates, supervisors’ names and phone numbers with you.

3.) If applying with a resume & cover letter: read the job description and focus on the skills and abilities that you will bring to the job. Use the same words in your documents and sell your soft skills (team player, leader, communicator, able to work with all types of people, customer-service skills, organized, and honest).

4.) Who you know does matter. The personal references and recommendations from current employees just might get you an interview. But, you still have to prove that you are the best fit for the job.

5.) Remember to include your volunteer and service learning experiences, especially if you have no work experience. With internships or work experiences, focus on the skills they are looking for.

6.) Check out your social media postings. Potential employers just might check out your Facebook page. Do you really want them to see what is there? Clean it up and check your privacy settings.

7.) What about your [voicemail answering] message? If job hunting, make it friendly, but professional, not two minutes of your favorite tune. I won’t wait to leave you a message.

8.) Check out Butler’s Online Career Center for current openings both on-campus and in our local communities. Start at http://www.butlercc.edu and select “employment” then “Career Services” from Business & Community on the “Let’s Get Started” menu. Or email lpatterson@butlercc.edu for more details.

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