10 Snacks for Busy College Students

Snacks are an essential in college. You can eat them in between classes or, if you’re lucky, during class. With school starting and a crazy new schedule, you’ll be hard pressed to find time to eat lunch or maybe even dinner.

Wondering what snacks to invest in this semester? Here are ten tasty ideas of treats that’ll help you make it through the day while keeping up your brain power.

1.) Granola Bars

2.) Almonds

3.) Trail Mix

4.) Beef Jerky

5.) Power Bars

6.) Pretzels

7.) Graham Crackers

8.) Animal Crackers

9.) Raisins

10.) Whole Wheat Crackers and Peanut Butter

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One thought on “10 Snacks for Busy College Students

  1. SecondNature says:

    I always forget about animal crackers and trail mix! Awesome suggestions!

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