8 Tips on Choosing a College Major

Choosing a major – it’s the next toughest decision to picking the right college. That’s why many college students’ stress and worry about the process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. To help you relieve some of that tension building from this life decision, we’ve come up with a few tips to use as guidance.

1.) Talk to an advisor. They’ll be able to walk you through the appropriate classes and criteria you’ll need to graduate with your chosen major.

2.) Check the course catalog. Look over the classes you’ll be required to take. If they look boring on paper, they probably won’t be much better in real-life.

3.) Talk to upperclassmen. They can fill you in best on what the courses and teachers are really like and what kind of work you’ll be assigned.

4.) Think about what you’re interested in. If you love math but hate writing, the English department is probably not for you.

5.) Think about your future job. What kind of job do you envision yourself working at in 5 years? If you want to be a teacher someday, the education department is where you need to be.

6.) Talk to professionals in that field. Find out exactly what that dream job entails. It may not be what you expected.

7.) Choosing a major doesn’t mean choosing a career. There are often several different career options available within each major. Like marketing? You could work in advertising, management or sales – just to name a few.

8.) It is OK to change your mind. If you pick a major and change it a year from now, it will be OK. A lot of college students change their majors within their first or second year.

For more information on Majors and Programs offered at Butler Community College visit: http://www.butlercc.edu/academic_depts/academics_list.cfm

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