4 College Friendly Jobs

Sure, socializing or playing the Playstation 4 we got for Christmas last year is what we would all like to be doing in our free time. But, instead, we must dedicate the little free time we have to something more constructive and, to put it bluntly, something that will pay the bills – a college job.

Although it’s almost physically painful waking up at 6 A.M. to make coffee for complete strangers, jobs while in college are often a necessity. It can be difficult working and going to college due to time management, but sometimes the hardest part about college jobs is finding one.

Whether it’s just for the summer or a job you’ll need for the upcoming school year, we’ve got some ideas for fun, college friendly gigs for students.

1.) Nanny.
Like children? Become a nanny. You’ll get to spend most of your day with cute little tykes while their parents are working. And, if you’re lucky, your employers will take you on vacation to help care for the children. Free trip to Disney World anyone?

2.) Waiter.
Most of us have or are still working as a waiter or waitress at a restaurant. It’s a good and often humbling experience for us. Work at the right restaurant and you can be making major bucks in tips as well as learning some life lessons on how to treat others.

3.) Entrepreneur.
We know. The word itself can be a bit intimidating, but just think of things you’re already good at – like lawn mowing or house painting. A lot of these manual-labor jobs are in high demand, especially during the summer months. If you’ve got other talents, like graphic design, photography, singing or playing the piano, try freelancing. Many people are looking for affordable graphic designers or photographers for senior pictures and weddings. Also, brides and grooms often need someone to sing or play the piano at their wedding. It’s a quick way to make some extra cash.

4.) Intern.
Interning is a powerful way to spend your free time. It’ll help you gain experience for your future career, build up your resume and give you the chance to network with professionals in your field. Not all internships are paid, but they can be incredibly valuable to you when you graduate.

We understand that there are a lot of job opportunities for college students that were left off our list. That’s why we’d like to hear from you. What job or jobs have you worked at and found to be great college gigs?


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