Boom, boom, POW!

The title of this blog is not meant as a reference to that overly-played but catchy Black Eyed Pea’s song, but as a simple reminder that the wonderful holiday known as Fourth of July will soon be here.

Ah yes, Fourth of July. A day when it’s legal to ignite small explosives. A day when an entire red, white and blue outfit can be worn without shame. And, most importantly, a day spent appreciating a nation that permits you to do all these wonderful things – the United States of America.

At Butler, Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays. This year we have a particularly exciting day lined up. If you read our previous post, “Bring on the heat,” you’d know that we’re avid fans of sleeping. And, we hope to catch up on some of that by sleeping in a bit – unless that neighbor kid decides to light off a string of firecrackers at 6 a.m. like last year. Once we drag ourselves from our slumber, we’re going to head to the lake for an afternoon of swimming, eating and grizzly socializing. After getting sunburned enough to be uncomfortable on the drive home, it’s back to town to catch the community’s fireworks presentation.

Okay, so our day may not be that exciting. But for us, it works.

Now that you know how we’ll be spending our Fourth of July, we’d like you to tell us how you’ll be spending yours. Maybe our plans gave you some inspiration, or you’re having a destination Fourth of July. Whatever your plans, we’d love to hear about them.

Leave us a comment below or write on our Facebook wall.

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