Bring on the heat

The days are getting hotter, and the shorts are getting shorter – ah sweet summertime.

After long hours of spilling over text books and gazing out frosted windows, it’s here. We can finally lay back our lawn chairs and let the sun turn our skin tones from pale ivory to radiant bronze – or for some of us, rosy red.

Lying by the pool, or in your front yard, and relaxing is a more than common way for many of us grizzlies to spend our summer days. We love getting our tan on, literally, but it’s not the only activity we enjoy partaking in during the summer months.

We’re regular bicycle riding, pool diving, lake swimming, bass fishing, lawn mowing (just kidding), rode tripping, softball playing, slushie drinking, ice cream loving, movie going, bungee jumping kind of grizzlies.

But, above all those wonderful things we’d have to say that our all time favorite summer activity is… drum roll please… sleeping!
Summer is a time to catch up on all that sleep you may have missed out on staying up late and studying for your chemistry test this past school year.

Spending your day sleeping isn’t your favorite activity? Tell us what is. If we like what we read, your idea could end up on our Facebook page giving grizzly fans insight on how to have a powerful summer and you celebrity status – well, kind of.

Leave us a comment below or give us a shout on Facebook.


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