Butler’s website finds its power

So you went to sleep last night and when you woke up this morning, www.butlercc.edu was…well…different. The overnight facelift is part of Butler’s goal to showcase the personality behind the power in a bold new way by taking advantage of the constant communication tools available to us.

We’re dedicating more prime space on our website to the personalities that drive Butler. We want to use some space to share stories and showcase just a few of the people who make Butler a powerful place to learn for a change. Take a look at the sliding “Hero Bar” at the focus of the homepage and read more about Cassie, Brett and Karla.

Social media is where nearly everyone stays connected these days. We want to stay connected with you, too. That’s why we’ve integrated Facebook and Twitter into our website and included links to our YouTube and Flickr accounts. Join the conversation; we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve also simplified the navigation at Butler’s online home. If you’re looking for pure learning power, visit the Future Students section to learn more about Butler, get enrolled or take a campus visit. If you’ve already been a part of the power, peep the Students link to find valuable resources to make your experience even more powerful.

Everything you need is right within reach. Find the power to fit your personality by visiting the Student Life page. You can still login to Pipeline and your online classes at the top right. The site search bar and Campus Helpdesk number can be found at bottom left of the page. Discover our campus locations on the bottom right. And if you’re still feeling really lost, try the handy A-Z Menu.

Have we talked about it enough? Why are you still here? Go! Check out the powerful new online presence of Butler’s Pure Learning Power and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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