“Brain Speedbumposis”

“Brain Speedbumposis.” It’s worse than the common cold. It strikes and vanishes without warning. The only reason you know it hit is the often *facepalm* like side effects. Imagine the “road of life.” Your brain is truckin’ along while you’re doing your normal activities. Some call it ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but your brain hits a speed bump in the road and WHEW! Your brain goes airborne. It touches down, and the sick feeling hits ya. For that millisecond your brainy was up in the air, you forgot to snatch your keys before hitting the lock button on your car door. You never knew your brain hit that bump till you remembered what you forgot. Oh, it’s so common.
It hit me at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Mother’s Day. My mission was to get in and get out with a present for my ma, and some cleaning supplies. I sat for a second and attempted to fix my broken sunglasses, but quickly gave up, grabbed my purse and jumped out of my car. Two and a half hours later, my dad and a random guy stood along my car shoving hangers down my window. They finally got it unlocked thanks to a piece of iron cattle fencing my sister found. On the positive side, I had time to write a mushy and meaningful message to my ma on Mother’s Day. There’s no cure for Brain Speedbumposis. So good luck. All you can do is make lemonade with the lemons you’re given… happy juicing.


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