Last Weekend of the School Year

                Yesterday was the awards ceremony for all the awesome people here at Butler.  Students, staff, and faculty were given awards for the amazing work they do here.  It was a great way to show appreciation for the hard work that goes into making Butler such a great place to work, live and go to school.  I know I always sound like Butler’s biggest fan but I really love all the people on this campus!  Everyone is always so friendly, helpful and caring.  It really is a great school that I feel we should all take pride in.  Okay I will stop gushing about our school.

                With the school year almost at a close, SGA is putting on the very last program tonight.  The Butler football team is putting on their mock scrimmage tonight in Andover and the first 50 students will get a movie pass to the Warren Theatre.  I am excited about the football scrimmage!  Either way Butler wins!  And after every play you can cheer because obviously our team did well.  I love it!  Tomorrow at the River fest our Butler dodge ball team will be kicking some butt!  Go out and cheer them on!  It starts at 11am.  And of course our awesome choir groups are having their final show.  I have heard it is amazing!  Even better then the last two they had.  I can’t wait to see it!  So take this weekend to have a little fun between studying for finals.  Studying is good but don’t stress yourself out too much.  Take frequent breaks, have fun, then hit the books again.  Good luck!  We are almost to our summer!

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