Tattoos are the devil!….Really?

Tattoos seem to be the new craze in today’s younger society. People of every race, social class, and societal group can be seen with them. Some take up the entire body while others are so small they would go unnoticed unless the barer showed them off. They are getting more and more creative too. People are now putting tattoos on their tongues and eyelids instead of shoulders and the lower back area.

When I was growing up, I thought they were evil and the mark of Satan, because that’s what the people around me said about them. Anything different, like tattoos or piercings, was considered bad in my small town. But nowadays, tattoos are almost as common and accepted as wearing a hat. Most people don’t think anything about it anymore when they see someone with a few tattoos. They are no longer a sign of rebellion. Now they are considered more of a form of art.

When I got my first one, I can remember swearing to myself that I would NEVER get another one. I’m not very tough when it comes to physical pain, and getting the tat felt like a tiger with flaming claws was tearing slowly across my skin. But, like childbirth, the pain is quickly forgotten and I soon started thinking of another design. My next one will look similar to the picture below. It’s going to be on my foot and in a light brown color, kinda like the color of a tan henna tattoo. Should be pretty awesome.

What about you? What do you think of this new fad? Got any of your own??


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