What will I do with my life? Any ideas?

My plans for Butler were that of many other people’s I’m sure. I planned to come here and get my gen-eds out of the way and get an associate in anything that didn’t involve more than one math class. And so far I’m on track with those two plans, but as the end of my Freshman year draws closer, I’m starting to realize that I need to put more thought into my future plans. What will I do after Butler? What career do I want to pursue? Where should I move to? So many questions flood my mind every day….

There is a site called Kuder that attempts to help students like me figure out what we’re good at and what careers might interest our personality types. I haven’t taken the Kuder tests yet, but the last two times I took career planning tests, they came up with several different jobs involving math…which I hate…but hopefully this one will be more accurate when I try it out. I’ll let ya know.

I still have another semester here at Butler, so I guess that means I still have about half a year left to figure out what I want to do afterwards. So for now I guess I’ll just keep achieving good grades and workin’ hard so that when I do figure it out, I’ll hopefully already be on track. But if you have suggestions for a girl that likes computers, following directions, few coworkers, and who isn’t good at math, please, let me know!

2 thoughts on “What will I do with my life? Any ideas?

  1. Dad says:

    Learn to like math.

  2. courtfrye says:

    Ha ha, never! If it wasn’t so complicated and useless I would maybe try.

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