Reviewing my packed schedule gives me the chills. I’ve got travel details for my pending trip to France to line up, an essay in New Testament to write, a presentation in Intro to Shakespeare to prepare… yeah. The end of my first year as a legit college student aligns nicely alongside the playing with Dr. Death by hitching a ride on the “Wild Fire” rollercoaster in Silver Dollar City. Now, I hate rollercoasters. They are a useless waste of adrenaline rushes and besides, I prefer the solidarity and comfort of ground.
Childish as it may seem, I appreciate the slow roll of a manageable schedule to the rollercoaster schedules that make me puke afterwards. I find it so easy to sport a puppy face and whine about all my obligations. Fact: life is busy. But Henry Kissinger said, “A diamond is a chunk of coal made good out of pressure.” I’d like to think that the point of life is about growing to become better than I am now, constant forward progress. I feel constantly challenged to smite my complaining and go head first into the muck n’ yuck. Some say, life is what you make it. So even now, in the midst of all the painfully hard things I have to do, I’m changing. And maybe someday, I’ll be a diamond.


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