Spring Fling At BCC

                Spring Fling is tomorrow, April 20th in Andover from 10-2.  I am really excited about it!  This will be the first Spring Fling I have attended and I keep hearing how awesome they are!  There is going to be free food, fun games, a car show, cotton candy, a dunking booth, and so much more.  I love cotton candy so much!  Someone even promised me shaved ice or better known up here on the mainland as, snow cones.  I have looked at the weather for tomorrow and it may be a little chilly for shaved ice.  However, I think I can make myself believe it’s really hot out and that I am in desperate need of one.  Start the summer out right and super early.  That’s my motto.
                On Thursday it will be El Dorado’s turn to have all the fun!  It will start at one and end at five.  The same with the Andover Spring Fling, there will be free food, games, music, the dunking booth and plenty more.  I will see you all there!  Save some cotton candy for me!

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