Spring Time

                Spring is awesome!  It’s getting warmer around here.  I can actually walk to buildings instead of sprinting and good thing because now I can enjoy the flowers that are blooming.  The trees are beautiful too.  I love the tree that changes from white to green or maybe green to white.  (My sister and I are having a bit of a dispute about it.)  Either way they are very gorgeous.  I am pretty sure I could write an awesome song about spring here.  Too bad I can’t sing.  I think I would kill some ear drums with my singing.  Anyway, the best part is that more things will be happening outside around campus.  I plan on studying outside in the sunshine every chance I get and I know I won’t be the only one.  The Spring Fling is coming up which sounds like lots of fun!  SGA is hosting this event.  There will be a bouncing castle, food, music and business from the community as well as campus organizations passing out free stuff.  I love free stuff, the sun and people hanging out having fun.  The Spring Fling will be really fun! 

                Next week there is a lot going on around campus.   The theatre group is putting on their play The Robe.   I always enjoy the actors of Butler.  They always seem to be having so much fun!  And since they are having the play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I know I will be able to make one of those shows.  On Thursday and Friday is Leadership Summit!  I am so excited about this one.  There will be two former members of congress coming to speak with students.  It will be on both the Andover and El Dorado campuses.  On Thursday it will be on the Andover campus and on Friday it will be on the El Dorado campus.  Tomorrow Is the women’s fair on the El Dorado campus in the gym.  It should be pretty fun way to spend Saturday morning.  And of course my favorite thing, you guessed it, free stuff!  I even heard they are having free chair massages.  I may have to borrow a wig and change my clothes a couple of times to get a couple of free massages.  Don’t steal my idea.  I don’t want them to figure it out before I get a couple massages in at least.  They also have a lot of crafts and services to buy and way cool door prizes.

                Well thank goodness its Friday everyone have an awesome weekend.

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