Surrounding yourself with positive people makes a difference

Written by Caitlin Nelson
As I went to enroll for fall 2010 classes, my mind went back to the first time I sat in an Advisor’s office at Butler Community College. I remembered how nervous I was, and I had all the right to be afraid since I had never been to college before.

I thought about how nerve-racking it was as I wandered around campus the day before classes started. The entire day I felt sick to my stomach. College is an entirely different experience than high school, and I didn’t feel prepared.

See, I’m really shy and I’m not a people person, so I wasn’t sure how college was going to be for me. Turns out, it’s been an amazing experience, and the reason I believe it turned out so great is because I learned to surround myself with people who care, are supportive and who are good friends.

As we enter high school, college, the real world, or whatever we may go into, it’s always important to surround ourselves with good people in our lives. It’s good to always have a support system.

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