Free College Class Day

                I love breaks.  Really I do. But I have the hardest time getting back into the school and work thing.  It always takes me at least a week to remember that there are not enough hours in the day and I need to stop procrastinating.  When Friday comes around I breathe a huge sigh of relief and promise myself next week will be better.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.  Last Friday, after a long week of classes, Butler supplied another good way to end the week.  The school had their Leadership Summit program.  This is the first one I have been to and it was really fun.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was excited.  It was sort of different when I walked in and they told me to pick any name tag with a name on it.  I was trying to think of a polite way to inform them that my name was not Larry Locke when I realized they didn’t really care what my name was.  We had new names because they were putting us into “families”.  After you got into your family you would pick up a packet that told you everything you needed to know about your family.  How everyone was related, how much money you made, how many bills you had to pay, and all that fun stuff.  I then was told it was a poverty simulation.  It was a really fun and interesting way to bring awareness to poverty.  It was an eye opening event and strangely, rather fun.

                On Saturday, Butler Community College had their free college class day!  I was so excited about the classes that I signed up for I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to live up to the awesomeness and all the hype I put into them.  They exceeded my expectations!  I was sure no matter what that Geocaching would not let me down.  I had very little idea what geocach was.  All I really knew about it was that it was a great big GPS treasure hunt.  Let me tell you it is huge.  People all around the world participate in geocaching.  If you go to you can find out everything about it.  You can go geocaching in the city, in parks, out in the middle of nowhere or in our school parking lot (well technically it was a little beyond the parking lot but still very close).  So basically what you do is go hunting for these geocach and when you find them, you write your name in a log book that you find with the “treasure”.  If you take the “treasure” you find then you have to replace it with something of greater or equal value so the next person can find something.  I will be an avid geocacher.  I just have to find extra cash lying around so I can buy a GPS. 

                Another class that I really enjoyed was tea tasting!  It was awesome.  I know, I thought it would be kind of snooty and proper but it was really fun.  The lady who was the hostess really knew her teas.  I had no idea there was so much to know about tea.  I honestly thought there was green tea and earl grey and that you add flowers and fruit to that and you got yourself different teas.  Not true.  And did you know there were such things as Tea Masters?  Really, really interesting stuff.  And there were free scones.  BONUS!  I can’t wait for the next free college class day! If you missed it, you’ll just have to wait until next year. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

One thought on “Free College Class Day

  1. courtfrye says:

    Geocaching is pretty fun! I’ve done it a couple of times. And I didn’t even know about the tea tasting one, that sounds amazing! Tea is like major in my life 🙂 And free scones just put the cherry on top of the whole deal! I hope she does that class again next year.

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