Advisors play important role in students’ lives

I think one of the reasons my experience has been so good here at Butler is because of all the help and guidance I’ve received from advisors.

Mandy getting help from an advisor

Trying to understand exactly what classes are needed, which semester to take them in, information for transferring, financial aid, etc., can be extremely overwhelming and confusing.

Almost every single one of my experiences with advisors has been extremely helpful. Not only that, but they always seem to go the extra mile to help.

The other day I saw an advisor because I had questions about transferring to Wichita State University. The advisor not only answered all my questions, but printed some information off for me that was extremely useful.

I think advisors’ work sometimes goes unnoticed. We should all be thankful for the advisors at our college.

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One thought on “Advisors play important role in students’ lives

  1. ryan entz says:

    Thanks for appreciating Butler advisors. They are some of the first and the best to show the personality behind the power of Butler…

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