Winter Break Again

“Spring” Break was really different this year than any I’ve had before. It seemed a lot longer than one week, which was fantastic! It might have been the completely unique weather for every day that made it interesting. One day I was at the park with the siblings, and the next, I was driving home, unable to see through the snow.

My family started off the break by heading to Caney, Kansas to see my grandma for a few days. The boys spent all of Monday burning leaves and branches and trash all over her property, so they all really enjoyed that. And getting spoiled with Grandma’s home-cooked meals and desserts are totally worth the trip there and back. However, during the three-hour car ride both ways, l did get to practice my communication skills for handling fights that I’ve been learning in my marriage and family class. It’s a good class, ‘cause they actually worked!

Grandma Frye

The rest of the week was spent having girls-day-outs with my best friends (getting pedicures and window shopping) and spending time with my family and boyfriend watching movies (Alice in Wonderland is amazing!), hangin’ outside, and eating lots of good food (mmm Applebee’s…). So not a very exciting Spring Break but, a fulfilling one nonetheless. What did you do for break? Did you get to go anywhere warm??

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