Spring Break Fun for Everyone

Spring Break is here, and that means sleeping in, eating home-cooked meals and get some sun (if you’re lucky enough to be leaving Kansas that is). Here are five ideas to keep you, your friends and family occupied for the nine days we get off.

1. The one everyone probably wishes they could do and only a select few actually accomplish: lounging at the beach for a week! There are students heading to Cancun, the Bahamas, Hawaii and many other tropical places for their Spring Break. We’ll all know who they are when they come back with a nice tan!

2. Road Trip! Gas is getting pretty expensive again, but pile four or five of your friends in a car and split the gas and hotel money. You can pick a certain destination, or just go and see where the road takes you. Just don’t get lost along the way so you can make it back to good ol’ Butler!

3. Volunteering might not be your most ideal idea of a Spring Break activity, but the personal rewards will more than likely be much more than if you spend your whole break spending all the money you’ve saved this year at the mall or sitting for hours on end playing Halo 3.

4. Camping is a good activity for both families and friends to do. It’s cheap and you don’t have to travel too far to do it. Just grab a tent, fire-starting equipment, food and your bug spray, and head to the lake or a camping site in the woods. P.S. Yes, bringing a camper or RV is cheating!

5. Family time. You may really be loving the whole college freedom and independence, but deep down you know your parents and siblings miss you tons! Be sure to spend at least a few days with your family doing something you can all enjoy. It’s your parents, by the way, who made it possible for you to get your college freedom in the first place, so give them a little payback.

Whatever you end up doing this Spring Break, be sure to have good, safe fun and we will see you back here at Butler on the 22nd!

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