School Pride

I have so much pride in my fellow students, the staff and faculty here at Butler!  I know that sounds slightly cheesy and I may even have said it before but really we have some amazing, awe inspiring, talented, friendly and simply awesome people here.  I see it every day while going to classes, going to work, heading to the café to eat, or on my daily wanderings around campus.  I just really enjoy all the people here at Butler.  What really made me decide to write about this “cheesiness” was the Vocal Concert.  I only wish I could sing half as well as anyone that was up there singing.  Sometimes I think I am almost that good but that’s when I am in the car and the music is drowning my voice out.  Everyone up there was amazing!  The talent just blew me away!  And that some of the songs had dancing with the singing, awesome!  I think the headliners just made singing a hard core sport.

Our men’s basketball team is going to the National Tournament!  They played so well on Monday night!  Of course for part of the game I wasn’t too sure what was going on with half of the calls but man was it fun to cheer for such a deserving team.  Our men were ahead the whole game and brought the win home with a 12 point lead!  After their win it was really fun to watch them cut down the net from the hoop at the end of the game.  Someone decided to play we are the champions in the background while they proceeded with this tradition.  If I wasn’t so positive my sister would have laughed hysterically at me I would have had a single tear rolling down my cheek.  It was an incredible night.  Now, because of this amazing win, our Men’s Basketball team will be playing in Hutch Tuesday March 16th at 8:30.  I really hope a lot of people go to support and cheer them on!

I am so ready for spring break and I know for a fact I am not the only one.  I may have papers to write over spring break but I can imagine myself on a beach while I am writing them and I can almost guarantee they will be some of the best papers I have written in a long time.  I hope everyone has fun whether they are going somewhere or just hanging out around home.  Be safe!


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