Show Week

I feel something almost like pity towards people who have never been involved in a show. Any type of show really. Like a play or a band concert or even a halftime show at a football game. The experience is unlike anything else. Sports are sort of similar in the fact that there might be extra practices the week of a huge event, but with shows, all the performers think about is the upcoming show. “Can’t drink milk today, it will coat my throat before the show” “Can’t eat that till the weekend or my costume won’t fit right” “Can’t party tonight, the show’s tomorrow and my facials have to be great!” All these are actual things I’ve heard during show weeks throughout my high school and college careers. But what do all of us do the shows for? We seem to enjoy it even more than the audience does at some times!

We do it for the music, for the thrill of being up in front of hundreds of people. We do it for the great friends we meet along the way and the awesome life lessons we can learn from the instructors and teachers around us.

Butler Ladies

Butler Ladies before Thursday night's show

Last week’s show really went well. We had a lot of fun and everything pulled together beautifully. Facebook offers a unique barometer for people’s feelings during show week. Some girls from the vocal department commented on last week’s shows: Katie Naccarato from Butler Ladies said “Good job everyone! Show week was awesome!! So much energy and it couldn’t have gone better!!!” Jennifer Felix, also from Butler Ladies, said she’s “Happy and sad show week is over……” Lastly, Annamarie Larue from Headliners proclaimed on Saturday “What a great ending to a busy week! Great job everyone!! 🙂 ♥”

But, as Mr. Joel Knudsen said today in choir, “This show is over. It’s time to move on to the next one.” That’s what really makes show life so different from everything else. It’s always changing and taking different themes and new and different things are required for each individual show set. It really keeps life fun!

One thought on “Show Week

  1. mksippy says:

    To have so much energy every show is amazing and to be able to sing so well for every show! You show people are amazing! I loved it and can not wait for the next show!

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