The Best Rewards are Unexpected

Written by Caitlin Nelson
In newspaper we work really hard looking for story ideas, interviewing people around campus, taking pictures, writing stories and columns and creating pages every week. Sometimes it’s hard to find enough to write about, especially every week, but we do the best we can.

Everyone always appreciates gratitude for their hard work and we’ve gotten many compliments before, but there’s one certain instance that I will never forget.

While we were working on the paper one day, a lady came into the computer lab and asked if we were the Lantern staff. After realizing we must be, she went on to tell us how much she appreciated us and how important it was to her that we covered a variety of topics and groups on campus.

She brought us in some treats to express her gratitude and even knew most of us by name. It meant so much to our staff that somebody took the time to thank us for our hard work. It was an amazing feeling to know somebody reads our paper each week and really enjoys all we do.

I assumed people read our paper and appreciated certain stories, pictures, etc., but I never expected somebody to take time out of their day to go buy us dessert and drive to the campus to tell us thank you. I guess the unexpected things are sometimes the most rewarding.


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