Dear Future Me

I was reading a blog yesterday about this website called It intrigued me because I’m a very forgetful person, as my friends can confirm. The person’s blog which I was reading talked about how she sent a reminder to herself for a few months into the future to see if she had quit a bad habit that she had. When she received the email from herself, she first laughed that she hadn’t yet quit the habit, and then she decided once again to try breaking the habit.

I myself plan on utilizing this website. With it, you can send emails to any email account you want and you can do it for up to 50 years into the future! You can make it private so only you get to receive the reminder, or you can make it public and anonymous so others can see the sometimes comical things people send to themselves.

I plan on using it for short term events so I don’t forget anything important (like buying birthday gifts and going to Walmart for my mom before heading back to CG) but, I think it would also be fun to write a letter to myself for like 10 years into the future. It’d be fun to see what I expect my life to look like now and how it will actually look when I get there.


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