This applies to you!

Written by Emily Palan
I am going to use this blogging experience today to get up on my little soapbox and give my opinion about the ways of the world. Okay, maybe not anything too life-changing but something that nonetheless affects countless individuals.

Texting. That’s right, texting.

I am sure you have read many articles and news reports about the accidents and deaths caused by people texting and driving. Notice I said “people” because texting is not just for teenagers anymore! As the Bob Dylan song goes “the times, they are a-changin.” For example, the best way to get in contact with my parents nowadays is to send them a quick text. Now, instead of seeing a missed call and playing some obnoxious phone tag to see what I need, they simply read my text and respond. Quick and painless, right?

Wrong! Recently, I had a close friend get into an awful car accident because she was texting. She totaled her car and miraculously walked away with a minor injury. She might have been responding to a meaningless text, like “Lol!” or something equally insignificant when she ran her car into the back of a parked trailer. She is so very fortunate to still be kickin’, and believe me, she learned the hard way what texting and driving can do. Luckily, we do not all have to be involved in a terrible accident to know texting has gotten out of hand.

As a fairly new member of the RadioShack team, I have stopped to learn how amazing cell phones really are. In training, I have found that we essentially have miniscule computers at our every beck and call. Although this invention is a wonderful one, I still have to take a little sticker off of every AT&T cell phone I sell at work that simply reads “don’t text and drive.” It truly is a big deal and needs to be taken into consideration when we go about our daily lives.

In case all of this didn’t convince you, here’s a youtube video that I’m sure will alter your views on texting and driving.

I am certainly not suggesting we stop texting, just be a little more cautious. As the 2002 “Spider-man” film says, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Think about that the next time you light up (your cell phone).


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