Homecoming Week!

            All breakfasts should start with donuts.  I think doctors would disagree with this statement but apparently SGA agrees with me on this.  On Monday morning the 22nd of February, SGA is hosting a breakfast of donuts, hot cocoa, milk and orange juice.  The free breakfast will be in the student union at both the Andover and El Dorado campuses.

            SGA has a fun filled week planned for homecoming this week.  30 lucky students that signed up in an advanced are going to have a blast at Laser Quest playing laser tag.  I am really bad at laser tag and hunting people down in the dark and being hunted down.  It all freaks me out a little.  I have definitely watched too many horror movies to be wandering around in the dark for long periods of time.  Despite being rather cowardly, I still think laser tag is one of the best sports ever.  And it is not nearly as painful as paintball.  Now that is a dangerous game and it is played during the day. 

            On Tuesday in celebration of black history month, SGA is sponsoring a soul food lunch.  They will be serving fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and kool-aid.  This luncheon will be held in the Student Life Center at the Andover campus and in the cafeteria at the El Dorado campus.

            On Wednesday we have our homecoming game.  Our men and women’s basketball teams are always fun to watch!  They are going to announce the winner of the Grizzly Men and Woman.  I think we have some really awesome nominees up for this award.  Good luck to whoever wins.  I know we have some really great students here at Butler!


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