Maybe I will survive

Written by Caitlin Nelson
A few weeks ago I wrote of my near death, which happened to be my first day in Anatomy and Physiology. Well, I have since decided the class is actually fun and I’m learning more than I ever imagined.

Let me first say, this class is extremely intense. It requires hours upon hours of studying. I had heard this class was hard and it took work, but I never thought we would have to cover so much material.

At first, I was overwhelmed by our class schedule but, I later realized it’s not so bad if you actually make time to study. To be in this class, you have to be independent and be able to manage time wisely.

Well, I mentioned all of the above to tell you this: My A&P instructor is quite the teacher. She makes class very enjoyable, when she could easily make it rough and unbearable.

Of course, we cover the same material as the other A&P classes, but she makes sure to lighten the mood in class when she senses stress – which is usually a lot.

If I didn’t have a teacher who was upbeat and made the learning fun, I would not be able to handle this course – call me elementary if you want, but I’m serious.

Especially in a course like A&P, I think it’s important for a teacher to understand students’ frustrations. All the information flooding our way can be overwhelming.

I originally had complications getting into an A&P class, but now, I’m glad I did, because I think the teacher I have now is really focused on the students, and I have faith I will pass Anatomy and Physiology.

One thought on “Maybe I will survive

  1. ryan entz says:

    wow. you just testified to another pure learning power experience. Thanks for the great post. Butler instructors truly are the personality behind the power.

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