Uncle Kracker

                I may now be considered one of Uncle Krackers number one fans!  This discovery is one I recently made thanks to Butler Marketing and a recent contest they had.  Not only did I win great seats (can we say 4th row?!) but I also won backstage passes to meet Uncle Kracker!  He is fun, and very simply, amazing in concert.   The other ticket winners from the Butler contest were Erin, who brought Daric and Jodi who brought her husband.  All of us tried our hardest to cheer the loudest and have more fun than anyone else there.  I think we did a pretty awesome job!  Definitely the best part was getting to meet and take a picture with Uncle Kracker before he went on stage.  He is a big teddy bear that you just want to hug, which my sister did. 

                We were all pretty amazed by the opening acts which I’m sure everyone knows you usually just show up to the concert late so you can miss them.  The first opening act was a comedian by the name of Mister Biggs.  I love anything comedy so my judgment on comedians can’t always be trusted but my fellow concert goers were laughing and thought he was funny also so obviously we couldn’t all be wrong.

                The band that came onstage before Uncle Kracker was a huge surprise also.  They are a bluegrass band from Wichita, Arbuckle and Moreland.  I will be the first to tell you that bluegrass is a little bizarre and every time someone says bluegrass I imagine banjos, violins and chewing tobacco and I guess nothing is wrong with that.  This band was a shock.  They did not have a banjo or violin, and I am not too sure about the chewing tobacco but I didn’t see any of them spitting so it wasn’t present for this performance.   They did have a guitar player that had a cigar box he had made into a guitar.  Yep, it was an incredible night.  Great music, awesome people, and free fun all added up to make for an awesome Friday night. You missed out on the opportunity for an awesome free concert this time around, but keep an eye on the Butler Community College Facebook page for any other cool opportunities that may arise.  You never know what fun you’ll find posted there.

                Oh and in case you did not know this week is random acts of kindness week.  It makes me sad to think we have to designate a week for this.  I feel is should be an everyday, all year long obligation to those around us.  For those that want to give it a try, I am hoping this week will be the New Year for you and you begin the new philosophy today.  Random acts of kindness are just that… Random. They do not have to be big things: hold a door open for someone, help a neighbor or friend in need, just think of others, take out your earphones from your ipod and ask how someone is doing.  Teachers maybe for this week only you can give answers to test questions during a test. No? Okay, well it was a hopeful thought. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

2 thoughts on “Uncle Kracker

  1. courtfrye says:

    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the concert!

  2. ryan entz says:

    I heard he put on a great concert. Sounds like you had a blast…and according to uncle kracker’s twitter account, sounds like he had a great time too:
    “@ unclekracker Thank you Wichita! You Rocked! 8:44 AM Feb 13th”

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