Helping Haiti From Kansas

Even if you’re not a big dessert fan, I’m going to serve you up a slice of “Caitlin” pie (don’t worry it’s low calorie). So I’m a freshman here at Butler, majoring in English. I spend my time singing and dancing in Butler’s girls showchoir, Butler Ladies.

The line of waiting volunteers

I hope to strike a chord of the “do-gooder” in all of us by continuing the tradition of sharing “Do the Deed” experiences. My blog’s inspiration, is a Web site where people share what they did to make a positive impact on the world.

My friends and I sauntered up to the front doors of the Kansas Coliseum in Park City. Signs posted everywhere advertised Numana organization- they orchestrated the reason we were all here- to pack meals for Haiti. TVs, radios and newspapers around America told the gut-wrenching story of unimaginable loss and destruction from the earthquake in Haiti. As a college student, my wallet has been on a diet. I felt like a helpless bystander watching some poor old guy get mugged. I couldn’t give to Haiti, I couldn’t go to Haiti. But heck, for an hour, I could be a pair of hands that helped a group of people shovel ingredients into a plastic bag and send it off to orphaned children and starving earthquake victims. It took an hour and a half to finally make it to the 50 tables of busy bee volunteers. For these moments in time, the job every person was doing would affect someone half way around the world. It made everyone work with impassioned diligence. I completed two cycles of packing food, serenaded by the gong that sounded for every 5,000 meals packed. These humble meals could rescue a child from ultimate starvation, or give strength to a mother to take her precious child to a hospital. The Saturday of January 23, I affected the world. Tell me, what could be more life-changing?

The arena where food packing took place


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