6 a.m. Wake-up Call a Relief

Written by Caitlin Nelson
After being woken up around 6 a.m. to a phone call, text and email, I usually would be pretty upset, but in this case, I actually sighed with relief.

The reason I wasn’t upset is because the call, text and email was to inform me that Butler Community College would be closed for a snow day! Okay, I don’t mean to sound like a child, but I was pretty excited and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping and praying the night before that the snow would keep falling.

I know that we just had a full weekend, but sometimes, you just need an extra day off. I was super busy this weekend with pre-arranged plans and I didn’t even watch most of the Super Bowl because I was doing homework.

I was happy to receive the day off this past Monday. I spent a few hours catching up on sleep, then my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping and I got ahead in my online classes. I also got in some extra study time for my upcoming Anatomy and Physiology test.

I’m sad to inform everyone, though, that I did not find the time to build a snow man or go sledding, which is pretty sad. I think this is a sign that I’m growing up.
Different Students use their extra days off for a variety of reasons, but I guarantee most of us got in some extra snooze hours but, who can blame us? My brother isn’t oblivious to the fact that college kids need more sleep than we actually get. He called me as soon as he got out of school and asked me if I enjoyed sleeping in. It would be funny to see how many other college students got a call like this one.

I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day and slept well.


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