The library of movies

I hope many of you aren’t like me. I have only been to the library a couple dozen times, and each time was to either use the computers, get a cappuccino, or to check out a movie. I know there are great books there and other interesting things to do, but I just can’t seem to find the time to actually look. The movie selection, however, is quite good. Last weekend I rented a couple chick flicks, an action movie during which I fell asleep, and two Hannibal the Cannibal films….Yuck! They were very well made; I’ll admit that, but very disturbing. For someone who’s afraid of her own blood, seeing a guy eating his own brain was a little much.

There are other good movies besides gross ones and chick flicks though. They have comedies, movies based on books you might read for school, musicals and action/adventure movies. And checking them out is so easy! All you need is your Butler ID. The first time you check out books or movies, you’ll need to fill out a little bit of paperwork, but after that they just scan your card and you’re good to go. You’re allowed to keep the books/movies for a full week, and if you’re like me and need more time, you can recheck them when your time is up.

So for anyone who hasn’t utilized our library’s book and movie selection, I highly encourage you to. Just exploring the library and its contents can be an escape from everyday boringness.

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