My Life of Music

Before I begin my monologue, I feel I should introduce myself.  My name is Emily Palan and I am in my second semester at Butler. While I am on scholarship for newspaper, I am looking to major in Education.  More specifically, I would like to be a high school English teacher.  I am 18 years old and more than thrilled to be writing for this blog.  I hope you enjoy reading this entry as much as I loved writing it!

Written by Emily Palan
As a child growing up in the 90’s, I was subjected to a decade of mostly terrible music and very little incredible music.  Despite this fact, ever since I can remember, my home was filled with music; my three older brothers were either blasting music through their stereos (do kids nowadays even know what those are?) or playing the many instruments they learned.  My dad is a phenomenal musician, playing anything from his particular favorite, acoustic guitar, to any sort of brass instrument. Basically, if it has keys or strings or anything to be played, he will play it.  Finally, my mother was the pianist for our church each week and also has an angelically beautiful singing voice.

So, suffice to say, I was born and raised with the musically inclined and it certainly rubbed off on me.  When middle school band rolled around, for some reason I had the idea that I wanted to play French horn because my older brother, Hank, played it for a few years. While my instrumental phase did not last too long, my love for music has never gone away.  And probably never will.

My oldest brother Aaron is ten years older than me and first introduced me to some of my all-time favorite musicians; The Beatles,  jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson and Don McLean.  Growing up in a household with a strong focus on music has taught me many things.  I appreciate the level of difficulty that goes into a single piece of music, the endless genres that now exist and thrive thanks to sites like MySpace and Facebook and countless other aspects about music. When people say music is their life, it sometimes seems a little silly to me.  But, that truly is the only way I can describe my intense love and respect for music.  Every time I get into my car, my stereo is cranked up and I am jammin’ right along with every beat.  Every time I sit down to write another newspaper article, a blog, school paper or even just writing on friends’ walls on Facebook, I absolutely must have music playing on my laptop.

Music also seems to flow perfectly with whatever mood I am in.  When I am reading or trying desperately to focus on writing something, my headphones are blasting classical music like my favorite “Clair de Lune” or Beethoven’s ever dreary “Piano Sonata No. 14,” more commonly known as “Moonlight Sonata.”  When I am driving in my car from my hometown, Newton, back to school in El Dorado, I like something a bit more upbeat and I am not too picky about the artist or genre.

I really will listen to any kind of music and I have my wonderful parents and extraordinarily gifted brothers to thank for this lifelong love of mine.

One thought on “My Life of Music

  1. courtfrye says:

    I love Maynard Ferguson also! I saw him in concert, it was one of his last concerts and he looked really terrible, but he played like he was the healthiest man in the world.

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