Our men’s basketball team had a game on Monday night.  It’s always fun to cheer for any sport and it makes it even better when your team is so good!  I hate to confess this but I don’t really know all that much about basketball.  Thank goodness for avid fans though.  Just follow the mood of those fans, cheer when they cheer, and yell at the refs when they do and you look like a fan.  Plus you don’t really need to know basketball to notice that our boys are pretty amazing!  During half-time SGA had this really awesome version of musical chairs they had some students play.  I absolutely love musical chairs and this was a basketball version of musical chairs I have not seen before.  For this adaptation of musical chairs every player gets a basketball and walks around the chairs in the middle of the court while the music is playing.  When the music stops you race to the basketball hoop closest to you.  Then you have to take shots until you make a basket.  When you make a basket you race back to the chairs and the last one to get back doesn’t have a chair to sit in and is out.  It was so much fun to watch.  The winner got a Butler basketball jersey and a basketball signed by the team.  As much fun as that was to watch it was even better when our boys won the game!  I’m telling you, they are awesome!

                It’s the first Friday of the month and that means it is time for SGA to have another movie night at The Warren!  I look forward to this Friday more than all of the other Fridays in the month.  I jump at the opportunity to watch a movie in the theaters.  Thanks to SGA it is free and for this reason I will not miss a movie night.  It is now a Butler tradition for me.  This Friday, and every first Friday of the month throughout the semester we meet in the lobby of the Warren Theatre on 13th street in Wichita at 6:30 to get a free movie pass from a SGA member.  Make sure that you have a Butler ID with you in order to get a movie pass because it is for Butler students only. You can go to any movie that is playing that accepts the V.I.P. movie passes.  Tickets are limited but SGA usually has enough for everyone that attends.  If you need a ride from the El Dorado campus, SGA rents the school vans.  They leave the campus at 6:00.

                Everyone should know that this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday! Woo hoo!  If you have no plans and want to watch it on the El Dorado campus, SGA is hosting a Super Bowl party in the purple room in the student union from 4-9 p.m.  If you are going for the Saints, I am sorry it’s a Colts fans party only.  Totally kidding.  Saints fans are more than welcome!  If you are one that only watches the Super Bowl for the commercials, you too are more than welcome to come.  If you hate football, the Super Bowl, commercials, and football fans but love food, the food is in a different room so just come, hang out and eat and maybe we can bring you over to the football world.  Or at least teach you to appreciate the Super Bowl.


One thought on “SGA Fun

  1. courtfrye says:

    That kind of musical chairs sounds really fun! I’ll have to suggest that to my hometown’s student body so they can do it at a game.

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