From high school sweethearts to college sweet….well maybe not

Like many people, I have found the “love of my life” once or twice or maybe three times now. There was the crush in elementary school that I was infatuated with from kindergarten to sixth grade. Then there was the relationship with the “best guy in the world” in middle school that was sure to last forever. After him came the guy my semi-adult brain truly thought was “the one”. We started dating the first year we met each other in seventh grade and made it all the way till half-way through our freshman year at college. And now, there’s…hold on there…how can one girl have so many “true loves”? It seems silly thinking about it now, and I’m sure most adults would say I still don’t have a clue, but at those times in my life, they were the guys that made me most happy. And that’s what we all want, really, is to be happy.

I do believe that high school sweethearts can really make it the rest of their lives happily together. I have friends whose parents are perfect examples of this. But I also think that too many couples jump into “love” too soon. I think too many girls just want to feel appreciated so they’ll stick with any guy that will pay attention to them, even if he is a jerk.

I think girls, and guys, should let college be there time for finding what they really want in life. First as themselves, and then they can think about what they’d want in someone else. College should be a time of making friends that you’ll have for a lifetime and also about making a path for yourself. Dating and hanging out with the opposite sex should just be a minor part of the college life, not the focus of everyone’s brains.

For those of you who are in the minority that I talked about above, check these two Facebook groups out. They might help keep the love going between you and your sweetheart.

What every guy should do
What every girl should do

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