A Healthy Outlook on the Semester

Caitlin Nelson is our lantern blogger for the week. She is 19 years old and came from a small town about an hour away from Butler. She chose Butler because she felt really comfortable and accepted here on her first campus visit. She is currently the Editor of the Lantern newspaper here on campus.

Written by Caitlin Nelson
After putting the lid back on my Mountain Dew and throwing away my bbq potato chip bag, I licked my fingertips clean of the orange bbq residue and began to ponder. The thought to cross my mind was that I was going to die at a young age – No, not because of clogged arteries or because my mom would kill me if she knew I just ate an unhealthy supper – the reason was I just finished my first Anatomy and Physiology lab.

It was only the first day of class and I already had terms upon terms to memorize. I felt so overwhelmed. As I slowly wandered into the classroom for the lecture half of A&P, I thought surely I wouldn’t make it through this semester. What a slow, agonizing way to go, I thought to myself.

Well, I’m still alive and kicking, so I survived my first day of class. It actually turns out this class won’t kill you, it will only challenge you.

Challenges will only make us stronger and will teach us important lessons in life.

One thought on “A Healthy Outlook on the Semester

  1. ryan entz says:

    Nothing like Anatomy and Physiology to put life in perspective…and just think, only 14.5 weeks to go. Thanks for the blog.

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