Christmas Break, New Semester

I love Christmas break!  I know that everyone pretty much does but I felt that I really needed to start with that one obvious statement.  I did have to work 3 out of the 5 weeks of the break that was given for Christmas.  I was slightly sad about this but then managed to cheer up when I realized I could pack a lot of fun into 2 weeks.  I started by my break by driving down to Nashville, Tennessee to visit family for Christmas.  Even though they have (horror of all horrors) a fake Christmas tree they put up, they are family and Christmas is always better with lots of family.  You always know for sure you’re on vacation when you spend over 12 hours singing along with the radio while driving.  It’s even better when there are no witnesses to your trying to hit those high notes.  And hey, if you have never been to Nashville, check it out. It’s a 12 hour drive, but totally worth it. Hit me up if you need suggestions on what to do.

After my Nashville visit I headed to Norman, Oklahoma to have a second Christmas with my sister and her boyfriend.  I know I felt like a kid bouncing between parents for Christmas. I love any excuse to extend Christmas and get two instead of just the one December 25th one.  Plus, I really did get double the presents.

As exciting as being back here ready for a new semester, getting back into school can always be kind of traumatic. Buying books is always a nightmare and first day of classes is always the easiest so you can feel confident in one fact… it will only get worse.  Here to save you from the chaos and provide a little fun is SGA and Welcome Winter Week. If you weren’t one of the 40 people who went ice skating Tuesday night rest assured there are still lots of fun things to do. Check out the free donuts on campus, or the movies on campus (Andover on January 21st at 11:30a.m and 3:00p.m. and El Dorado in the Residence Halls at 7pm). Or come to the game night on Friday in the El Dorado Residence Halls from 1-5. You can challenge me to a game of pool, winner takes the prize. If you can’t play pool, join in a game of Pictionary or Taboo. It’s sure to be a fun afternoon and a great way to wrap up a busy week of classes. On Sunday there will be a party in the Kansas room from 7-10 with music, food, and fun. Ya know? The works! So, welcome back… SGA style. And, a little hint for you all looking for something more than your Chemistry Exam to get excited about… Laser Tag is just one of the many events on the SGA “Syllabus” for the semester.  Start getting excited now and keep an eye out for more announcements!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Break, New Semester

  1. courtfrye says:

    I’ve never had a real Christmas tree, and after seeing one at my boyfriend’s house, I know how terrible they must seem to you lol Real trees are hands down prettier and more festive!

    I can’t believe I missed ice skating Tuesday! That would be tons of fun. But everything coming up looks fun. Thank you guys for putting it all on!

  2. Chris Wiebe says:

    That must have been cool going to Nashville I so want to go there during Christmas I bet is really cool looking.

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