While You Were Gone

How were everyone’s breaks? Did you get to see family that you hadn’t in months? Were any awesome presents received or delicious meals eaten? I hope that everyone had a fun-filled break that was safe and fulfilling. I also hope everyone is ready for another great semester at Butler!

My break was spent mostly at home in Council Grove. Christmas day we were snowed in at my house and we had to dig my boyfriend’s car out three times just for him to be able to visit! But many holiday memories were made with both of our families and it was a very successful day despite the snow. Getting snowed in for the next few days with my family was pretty awesome as well. My parents both like to always be busy and on the run, so it was nice not being able to leave the house. January 2-7, I took a trip to Denver, Colorado with CRU. We attended the Denver Christmas Conference which consisted of speakers, classes, and quality time spent with people from Butler and also from other campuses around the country. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend going next year!

As I was packing to head back to Butler, I wondered what changes had happened on campus. A lot can happen in a month! Here are a few changes I’ve noticed already:

Meet Enid Crabtree. She’s one of the new ID scanners for the cafeteria staff. Be sure to say “Hi” and smile at her and every other new (and old) cafeteria employee you see!

Enid Crabtree

Butler has made it easier for us to recycle! This recycling bin is located in the downstairs lobby of the 1500 building. As you can see, it has places for plastic, cans, paper, and trash, so now you don’t have to look around for the right bin. You should see more around campus soon, including Andover, so please utilize these new bins to keep our campuses remaining clean!

New recycling bin in the 1500 building

These computers were actually added at the end of last semester, but for anyone who didn’t already know, there are now free computer labs available to students in the Student Union and in the 200 building. It also has a free printer 🙂 Use this for school related papers only so we don’t lose this wonderful asset to getting things done on time!

Computer lab in the Student Union

More pictures of other new and improved things on campus can be found on our Butler facebook page, so check them out here!


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  1. You’re great, Courtney!

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