An evil and an awesome

Finals week is finally over for me! I didn’t think I’d get stressed out about it that much, but I did. I was really hoping Tuesday’s classes would just be postponed till later in the afternoon or something, but no such luck there. History and speech went pretty well. Our speech teacher forgot to bring us the brownies he had promised us, though, because of the snow 😦 If you want a fun and fair speech teacher next semester, you should get Dr. Keith West; he actually made doing speeches fun!

My scary science final was yesterday morning. When I’m really stressed out about something that’s in the morning, my body turns into its own alarm clock, which is not fun. I woke up right on the dot at 4 a.m., 5 a.m., 6 a.m., 7 a.m., and 8 a.m. Wednesday morning… My brain doesn’t realize that sleep is more important than waking up way early for the test! With all my hard finals done, I just relaxed in my room all day yesterday and let my brain take a break.

Packing my car yesterday evening was a chore though. My dumb car is once again refusing to start, so I had to walk across two parking lots five times with armloads full of clothes and Christmas presents. My car door is also frozen somewhere in the shutting mechanism, so the door won’t stay shut on the driver’s side, so it’s going to be an interesting trip home tomorrow if I have to hold it closed the whole hour and a half home!

But even with all the crazy stuff happening with the car and the frantic checking of the room to make sure I don’t leave anything, I know break is going to be awesome! *Yay!* It’s starting tonight with me going to my grandpa’s house for dinner in Wichita and then off to hang out with friends in Wichita after that. I will definitely miss all my friends from Butler and the ones I’ve met in Wichita, but I’m ready to reconnect with my friends and family in old Council Grove over break!

What are your plans for break??


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