Awesome Weekend!

                I just had an awesome weekend!  All thanks to the great activities planned by your very own Butler Community College.  On Friday night the Student Government Association had movie night at Warren theatre.  If you have never been to the movie night that SGA puts on then you have got to make it to the next one.  SGA passes out free movie passes to the first 60 students at the Warren Theater in Wichita. A free movie? You can bet I’m there! Movie night is the first Friday of every month. If you haven’t taken advantage of this then I expect to see you there next time. No car? Not a problem. Sign up for a ride in one of the school vans in the Student Life Center prior to the event.   Even though you may not have asked, Old Dogs with John Travolta and Robin Williams was hilarious.  I highly recommend it. 

                Then on Saturday I found out that we have some amazing talent on our campus.  The dance and choir concert was really really good.  I would put another really in there but it wouldn’t help explaining how much talent was on that stage.  I of course had a favorite number.  I didn’t plan on it but when you have the song Hawaiian Christmas attached to a performance you could do pretty much anything on that stage and I will like it.  The whole show made sure that the entire audience was in the Christmas spirit when they left the theatre.  It was a great show and I would love to thank all of the performers for putting so much time and dedication into their performances. 

                Sadly I had to pay for my fun days on Friday and Saturday.  My Sunday was spent studying for finals.  There may have been some football watching going on but I would never admit it to any of my teachers.   I am the ever diligent student that forever looks forward to finals week.  Good luck with finals everyone!


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