I would personally like to thank all of the stores for not having those amazing sales that happen every year on black Friday.  Actually, I am not sure if it was a lack of sales or my sister was just not into it this year.  I don’t really care but somehow I managed to miss out on the oh so amazing experience of being dragged out of my extremely warm bed into the freezing cold weather to wait in line at 3:00 in the morning at Best Buy, Target, or some other store that caught my sisters eye.  All to save a couple hundred dollars.  Every year that my sister drags me out to wait in line with her I tell myself I am going to be very rich one day and bribe all the managers of the stores to let us go in the night before.  Problem solved. 

I do love Thanksgiving though.  It is one of the best holidays ever.  There is always the promise of good food and in the event that the food is less than spectacular you always get to bring it up the next year, “remember that one year when your turkey was so dry and nobody would eat it”.  It may be only my family that finds that funny, other families may find that slightly rude.  My sister, our two dogs and I all loaded into our car and drove down to Norman, Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with my sister’s boyfriend.  We ate more than we should have then fell asleep watching football.  It was basically a preview of super bowl Sunday, which happens to be another favorite holiday of mine!  My dogs love thanksgiving I think even more than I do as they cashed in on all the leftovers. And, since I am a vegetarian, they took up the slack and ate turkey on my behalf. (Don’t feel bad for me, my sister made sure I had plenty of vegetarian options. I don’t cook. I am the one everyone teases about the dry turkey and burned food.)

Like many others I was kind of sad to have to head back to Butler for classes.  Then I headed off to work and classes today and realized I don’t really mind jumping back into classes and work.  Life on campus is fun and it is so good to see everyone even if we were only off for one week.  Do not get me wrong, I could very well do without finals, but it is a small price to pay to be around good people and friends to laugh with.


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