Life right now

If you’re anything like me, then you are soooo ready for a break right now. And thank goodness there’s one coming up right around the corner! The next week and a half for me will be spent trying to get my grades back up in all my classes and getting my room ready for Thanksgiving Break check-out. I’ve seen some people’s rooms that might take the whole of two weeks just to clean and I’m glad we didn’t let ours get that bad! But it will take a day to get everything cleaned and swept so nothing’s growing under the bed by the time we get back.

Speaking of growing, I brought a potted plant to my room this week from home and it brings a lot of life to the room, so if you have an extra plant or even a fake one, I suggest trying it in your room. It really makes it feel homier to me.

Thanksgiving Break for me is going to consist of traveling to Caney, KS (near Tulsa) to see my grandparents and eating tons of my grandma’s homemade pies and my aunt’s famous cake rolls. Last year I actually managed to eat an ENTIRE peach pie all by myself in two days while we were there. Probably won’t be doing that again (gotta stick to my “staying fit” blog), but I’m definitely looking forward to a piece or two this year!

The Butler Ladies have one more tour of schools on the 24th, so we’ll be heading out a lot later than most people, but it will be interesting to see the campus with nearly everyone gone. What are your plans for Thanksgiving Break? Leave us a comment here or join our discussion board on Facebook and tell us about any family traditions you do every year or awesome plans you have for this year.

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