Zazzle.com is an online customizing store. You’re able to customize anything from shirts and cups, to skateboards and stamps!

I used zazzle.com to make my friend a shirt for his Christmas present. I was able to pick the color, the style of shirt, and the fabric. I was also able to upload my own picture and size it on the shirt so I’d know how it would look. They even include different models so you can see your shirts on different body types.

The site is incredibly easy to maneuver through and the pricing is very affordable. Simply go to the “Create” tab at the top of the site and look through the many options available for customizing awesome gifts for your friends and family. Not feeling creative? Zazzle also has a tab for looking at other people’s creations so you can shop for a gift that’s already been designed.

It’s free to create an account and their site gives you a quality guarantee! I had a slight problem with the first shirt I made, and it was a piece-of-cake having it sent back and replaced for free.

So if you’re in a rut trying to find that perfect hat or shirt for that special someone, design it yourself! You can make the gift they’ve always wanted and it really shows you care. Plus it’s just lots of fun!

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