“The Road”

Show week was awesome! It started off kind of scary with nearly half the mass choir sick and not able to go to rehearsals, but by Thursday night, almost everyone was either well or toughing it out and our shows started out awesome. Our first show’s theme was “The Road.” It featured songs from other countries, songs about driving, songs about places, and songs about the road to love.

The Butler Headliners

The Butler Headliners

Thursday night my friend Melinda and her husband, Callahan, came down to watch my performance along with my old dance partner, Tim. After the first half of the show we left at intermission and got ice cream at Braum’s. The boys got double scoops of the brightest colors they had and were regretting the huge amount of ice cream by the end.

Jeniffer and I before Thursday's show

Jeniffer and I before Thursday's show

Friday night’s show went well and had a good crowd. Saturday afternoon’s performance went alright, the matinee shows are always the hardest to perform at because the crowd usually isn’t as wild and enthusiastic as in the evenings. Saturday night my parents came up to watch and we ate at Double D’s before the show. The food there is really good, especially their pancakes! Saturday night’s show was probably the best for my group (the Butler Ladies); and Chamber Singers, the mass choir, and Headliners all had wonderful shows that night as well. I’m not sure what to do with all my free time in the evenings now that show week is over, but with the next concert coming up in December, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that much longer!

The Butler Ladies performing "Love You I Do"

2 thoughts on ““The Road”

  1. Callahan M says:

    Courtney, Courtney…. I never regret large amounts of ice cream.

  2. courtfrye says:

    LOL. I’m very surprised! My stomach would have rebelled lol

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