Two words: Show Week! To some, that is just a title, but to those involved, it is so much more. From costume changes to light cues, show week begins a week of hard work with a sweet reward at the end. We have many different styles of both dance and music. What we though would be impossible has become the possible and we are excited for everyone to see!

So what happens once we are done with the show? Well, we have many dates already filled with other performances both on and off campus. On November 11th we are planning to do an exchange with the K-State Singers and also on November 23rd we are having our 32nd annual Showchoir Festival. More info on that to come in the upcoming weeks!

At the parents night show

At the parents night show

If anyone would like to attend any of our performances, then please call the box office at (316) 322-3262. The show dates are Oct. 15th- 7:30pm, Oct. 16th- 7:30pm, Oct. 17th- 3:00 & 7:30pm.

We have a very entertaining show this semester with the theme of “On The Road”, so be sure to check us out and see the fun of showchoir!


2 thoughts on “SHOW WEEK!

  1. ryan entz says:

    Wow. Two words never sounded so entertaining. Great blog, Shallum.

  2. Blog looks great guys! Keep up the good work.

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