Weekend in Stilly!

Hey Guys!! =)
Whoa!! What a weekend I had!! As college students we don’t really have the money to spend on entertainment, however, I found out this weekend that sometimes the biggest adventures are right under your nose and waiting to come your way!

With my school load and being a member of the Livestock Judging Team, I don’t seem to have much free time. But this past weekend happened to be one of the few that I have off this semester so I wanted to make it a good one. Considering I am a college student on a tight budget, I decided to make a trip down to Stillwater, Oklahoma to visit a few friends and former Butler students. As I was catching up with a few friends, my sister (who had no idea I was there) sent me a text asking if there was any way I could make it down to Stillwater for a concert that she and a couple of her co-workers had an extra ticket for. What a coincidence! “I am already here and would love to come,” I replied. My sister picked me up later that afternoon and to the concert we went.

As we arrived my sister told me that we had some sort of VIP tickets, which I assumed would just help us skip a few lines. Not only did we get to skip the extremely long line outside but we then went into the elevator that took us up to a private box above the new football field where a huge buffet waited for us. As I was eating dinner, I happened to get into a conversation with a very friendly man and his wife. I didn’t know either of them but I could tell they were very big fans of the OSU Cowboys. Later that night, my sister informed me that I was talking to the president of Oklahoma State and his wife. After we got to our seats we not only enjoyed a hilarious skit by Jimmy Fallon but Jason Aldean put on a great concert. As the night seemed to be ending and we were headed back to the car, one of Jason Aldean’s band members asked us if we would like to come to Aldean’s after-party. However, he then informed me I could not attend considering I was not 21! BUMMER!  🙂 Despite that bad news the night was still a huge success and the best part was it was all for FREE!!




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