My football experience

I hope everyone had a chance to either go to the game Saturday night or watch footage from it. It was a very exciting game! Congratulations to Coach Troy Morrell on his 100th win!

My dad came down from Council Grove to watch the game with me. He played at Coffeyville when he was in college, so it was kinda hard for him to cheer for Butler, but he did!

This was my first time going to a Butler game, and I must say, it was waaay more entertaining than high school football! I’ve been watching football games since I was a baby, yet I still have a hard time knowing what all is going on in the game, so throughout the whole game my dad was having to answer questions for me. But it was really exciting to see our team hold off the Ravens from scoring when they were so close to the goal line so many times.

I had fun sitting with my dad for the first half, but the second half sitting in the student section was a whole different experience. Having all the redshirt guys in the stands yelling at their friends on the field and starting the wave at random times throughout the game was a lot of fun.

After the game we tried to go to Spangles so my dad could get the new Western burger, but we got there at exactly 10 o’clock and they had already shut their doors and wouldn’t open up. Pretty sure that’s not good for business: closing that early on a home-game night. But we went to Sonic instead, which was delicious. Mozzarella sticks are always a good way to end the night. 🙂

I’m definitely looking forward to the next home game!


One thought on “My football experience

  1. Ryan Entz says:

    Fun experience watching Grizzly football with your dad. Great Blog, Court!

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